Thulani Nzonzo

My experience at Nafuna Campus was incredible, its been the most worthwhile investments I made in my career because everything that i wanted to learn when i was still young, I got to not just learn but do practically when i was here from Voice Over work, to editing, to scripting, just evrything to do with media, digital media, live media, anything and everything, that people can watch and view and remember.


Lance Chihande

During my internship at Nafuna Campus i started learning a lot of things, I started scripting Angry Mwana, I also voiced Angry Mwana as well. Being at Nafuna was quite an experience for me as i learnt a lot of things, that's where the art of being a voice over artist started with the project Angry Mwana


Rodwell Murape

When i got to Nafuna Campus, it was around 2015. I went there to learn more about ad agencies or motion graphics, in the process i ended up learning about 3D modelling. Thats when i found out that there is a whole lot of things to do in this industry so right now i took 3D as my main thing to push my brand forward.

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